Who Is Rebecca Geromi?

I eat, sleep, and breathe photography... and cats! When I'm not shooting a wedding, I'm working as a full time Graphic Designer, and practicing my photography skills on my two fur babies (cats), Night Hawk & Narwhal.


I’ve been a professional photographer for six years, with the hobby spanning at least 12 years. In that time, I’ve learned to shoot and edit all of my own work using Canon equipment. I primarily shoot weddings and events, but my expertise range is wide; from animals, to products, to people. 

With a bachelor’s degree in design and more than 12 years of photography experience, I’ll bring a critical eye for composition, and a fun, candid spirit to your wedding photo shoot. 

What is rebecca's photography style?

My style and aesthetic are 75 percent photojournalistic and 25 percent traditional, capturing the current wedding photography trends while delivering timeless photographs that you and your family will enjoy forever.